GSM MBA student Ahmad Hazim Shabaruddin writes about OPR Hike


Congratulating our GSM MBA alumni Ahmad Hazim Shabaruddin for his media post on the New Straits Times. The post is titled as “Another OPR hike would hit consumers, firms badly”. Some of the lines from his post are quoted below:

“FIRST, the rise in OPR would have an immediate effect on homeowners, adding to their financial burden.

Consumers will have to make larger monthly payments as a result of the increase in OPR as the world had just begun to recover from the economic contraction brought on by Covid-19.

It is also important to realise that some home owners purchased their houses to rent them out. This will have an effect on tenants as well, particularly young professionals who have just gained employment, and the M40 and B40 categories.

SECOND, another OPR increase would spike the cost of doing business for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

For businesses in the food industry, the rise in OPR would add to the rise in fertilizer prices and logistic costs, pushing up food prices further.”

Click here to see the full post on New Straits Times website.




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