The International Islamic University Malaysia’s MBA programme was launched in 1995 as a part-time programme and has been well-received by Malaysian executives. Following its success, a full-time MBA programme was introduced to cater for both local and international candidates. Our MBA programme was specially designed to meet the needs of potential managers and executives of globally oriented corporations.



To elevate the curriculum by infusing four common themes or values of strategic thinking, integrity, sustainability and professional skills. These common themes or values represent one of the unique value propositions of the MBA programme. The descriptions of the common themes or values are as follows:

Strategic Thinking

An individual attribute that is able to generate and apply distinctive acumens and spot opportunities to create competitive advantage for an organisation. A strategic thinker focuses on a big picture by integrating operational, tactical and strategic functional areas of an organisation.  He or she uses knowledge to transform ideas into action, spur innovation, spot strategic opportunities before making strategic choices and implementing strategy for value creation and sustainability.


Unwavering and consistent adherence to strong ethical principles, values and code of moral conduct that makes an individual trustworthy, incorruptible and demonstrates exemplary character. Attributes of integrity include honesty, respect, accountability, responsibility, keeping promises, reliable, virtuous, sincere, courage and benevolence.



Integrating sustainability in the business operations and strategy to do good (solve issues) to the environment and society in order to do well (make money) in business for the well-being of the current and future generations.

Professional Skills

Professional and personal competencies that successful leaders require to appreciate the intricate and uncertain business climate as well as addressing challenges of leading and managing in a rapidly-changing world. Examples of such competencies include commercial acumen, leadership, analytical, evaluation, negotiation, scepticism, problem-solving, teamwork and communication.

These four themes or values will be incorporated not only in the syllabus but also in the programme delivery and assessment components. Together, they represent the core values that we strive to inculcate in our students in their quest to transform and challenge themselves for career advancement into C-suite leadership positions or even switch their career direction.

The four common themes or values and a variety of programme delivery methods will provide an ‘applied learning’ environment to our students. Collectively, we call this approach the IIUM GSM Method, which is a unique value proposition that we offer to our students to gain applied knowledge, enhance their learning experience and satisfaction as well as harnessing their professional skills as required of a corporate or business leader.

Overall, the proposed MBA programme aims to produce graduates who are not only knowledgeable but also have a strategic mind-set, high integrity, a set of key competencies that can contribute to higher business growth and sustainable organisation. This value proposition is also consistent with the Sejahtera Academic Framework (SAF) that aims, among others, to produce students that exemplify Insan Sejahtera





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