Student Referral Programme

The Student Referral Programme is an incentive given to the individuals to their special efforts in promoting and recruiting students to Graduate School of Management (GSM).

  1. The Student Referral Programme eligibility:
  • IIUM student and alumni (including GSM) who refer student from outside IIUM.
  • IIUM staff who refer individuals from outside IIUM.
  • IIUM official agents who recruits new international students from outside IIUM.
  • Any individuals who refer students to GSM.
  1. This “one-off” incentive will be paid after the students successfully pay the registration and first semester fee.
  2. If the student is re-registering students (students with previous IIUM status), the application is considered null and void, will not be processed.
  3. Recruited IIUM Alumni who applied to upgrade their academic levels (Bachelor to Masters — Masters to DBA) are not entitled for the incentive.
  4. Incentive submitted will be subjected to verification by the Finance Department, GSM. The claim for the incentive must be submitted by the end of the current semester. Any claim after the semester ended will not be entertained.
  5. Any claim with incomplete document and false information will be rejected.

Process Flow

1. Fill up the form within the semester.

2. Attach the completed form with the student's signature verifying that the individual is the introducer.

3. Submit the form to Finance Unit, GSM.

4. Verification from Academic Unit. If there is no issue, Finance unit will process the claim.

5. Disbursement of payment and Finance Unit notifying the introducer.

6. Process complete.